An unusual woman of a certain age, Linda retains her sense of childlike wonder in a world all too often jaded. Born in London, she has reinvented herself many times, and had successful careers as a graphic designer, illustrator, tutor, fine artist and antique dealer. She lived in London for 36 years before moving to Northern France, Lille where she sourced vintage delights, in street brocantes, for her clients who were often featured in glossy home style magazines.

In 2011 she moved to Spain, near Barcelona. Today Linda lives in Bulgaria where, following a spiritual epiphany – the spirits made themselves unexpectedly known to her, she works on her writing, art, herbalism studies, and homestead.

With her husband, and a growing menagerie of animals, she strives to become self-sufficient and is learning to garden, and heal using plants as medicine.

A powerful psychic, Linda finds herself charged to act as a messenger for the Higher Angelic Realms in troubled times but, despite this, remains grounded, fun loving and very much human.

With a unique and engaging voice she has much to say.

Her writing reflects her personality which is accessible, compassionate and fun loving. Whilst she is an open channel, who often writes in collaboration with her team in spirit – β€˜The Guys in The Skies,’ her work is not overtly spiritual, preachy or self-help-y!

Linda prefers to weave wisdom within the narrative of stories which fall betwixt and between genre. An author to watch with a colourful and extraordinary life, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to create books destined to entertain, educate and move her audience.